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Maddie’s young, welcoming voice belies a darkly evocative lyricism creating an album that is both unsettling and thrilling. ★★★★★” - Jude Rogers

The Guardian

Ghost Story is Fern's debut album. Across its 10 tracks, it blends traditional folk ballads with original songwriting and live-take acoustic performances with experimental folktronica sounds.

The product of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Ghost Story marks Fern's second project with co-producer Colin McCaffrey, who also contributes instrumental accompaniment throughout.

Other musicians featured on the album are Ari Erlbaum (bones), Oliver Zeichner (pipes and whistles), and Noah Zacharuk (drums). 

Ghost Story is a spell-binding, beautifully captivating and genuinely haunting release – an immediate favourite of 2022.” - Billy Rough

Folk Radio UK

A superb debut, quiet but brooding, confident but never ostentatious. It sets out from seemingly nowhere, scales challenging heights to reveal glistening vistas, before quietly descending a simple trail back to where we started. ” - Jon Wilks



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Fern Maddie has a knack for powerful storytelling in her otherworldly takes on traditional music. ” - Rachel Cholst

The Boot


Fern Maddie is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and experimental folk artist based in Central Vermont (N’Dakinna). Her debut EP, North Branch River, was named one of the 10 best Vermont records of 2020 by Seven Days. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, her debut album, Ghost Story, was released in 2022, and was named The Guardian's Folk Album of the Month in July 2022, gaining a five-star review.

Blending driving, trancey instrumentals with crisp vocals and the simple lyrical rhythms of old folk songs, Fern’s unique sound is the child of many influences: Old-Time string band music, the revivalist balladeers of the 60s and 70s, dark country, experimental folk-rock, and the modern trad renaissance(s). Her sensibilities have been compared to the music of June Tabor, Kate Rusby, Sharon Van Etten, and Joni Mitchell.

Fern's first two records were co-produced with Colin McCaffrey, a Central Vermont legend, who contributes exceptional musicianship and a traditional, pared- down aesthetic to the work.

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